Dusty Strings Ravenna 34

Price: $2985

The Ravenna 26-string lever harp is an innovative design from Dusty Strings using high-quality materials and construction techniques that are more affordable than the more expensive models. The neck and pillar are made of solid ash while the soundboard and back/sides are of laminated Finland birch. This combination results in a light-weight harp that packs into a compact size for traveling while delivering a big sound. This is the perfect instrument for a student new to the harp or for a professional needing a travel instrument.

Includes padded carrying case, removable base and legs, tuning key.


Strings: 34 nylon

Wood: Solid ash neck and pillar, laminated Finland birch soundboard

Weight: 21 lbs.

Height: 49"

Levers: full Loveland levers

Accessories: Padded carrying case, removable base and legs, tuning key

Warranty: Two years from date of purchase

Dusty Strings Ravenna 34 harp
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