Camac DHC electric lever harp

Price: $6575

Camac created this electric lever harp specifically for harpist Deborah Henson Conant. This early version of the model features the same high quality Camac piezo pickups that are on all their electric harps and give the instrument a clear, resonant sound. Along with a full set of Camac levers, this package also comes with a padded carrying case, heavy duty stand, tripod stand, partial set of extra strings, cables and a Digitech RP21d pedal unit so you can explore a myriad of sound options.

Strings: 32 fluorocarbon

Year built: 2003?

Weight: 17 lbs.

Height: 46"

Levers: full set Camac levers

Accessories: Carrying case, stand, tripod legs, pedal board, cables, strings, tuning key

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