Morgan Meadow 23 Lap Harp

Price: $1450

The Morgan Meadow lap harp, new in 2005, was expertly constructed by Rees Harps and has a range of 23 strings from G up to A on a small portable frame. The gorgeous hand-painted California poppies on the soundboard are a great visual compliment to its sparkling tone. With a full set of Robinson levers, a strap, stand, tuning key, extra strings, knee bones (to assist balancing the harp on your lap), and a deluxe case, you're ready for a road trip. This harp fits in the overhead bin of a plane so you could even travel further afield if your musical plans require it.

Strings: 23 nylon, G up to to A

Wood: Cherry

Weight: 6 lbs.

Height: 29"

Levers: full set Robinson levers

Accessories: tuning key, deluxe case, extra strings, strap, knee bones, stand

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