Triplett Signature 36

Price: $4800

This Triplett Signature 36 package is all you will ever need! It has been rarely played since purchased new and is in perfect condition. The figured maple has shimmering depth and the sound is clear and rich. The staved back makes it very comfortable to play. A full set of deep golden-colored levers give access to every key and compliments the color of the wood. Includes a fleece-lines carrying case, ergonomic matching tuning key, partial set of extra strings, assorted music books.
The current new price of the harp with case and tuning key is $6295.

Strings: 36 nylon

Wood: Maple

Weight: 27 lbs.

Height: 57"

Levers: Full Loveland levers

Accessories: Fleece-lined case, partial extra string set, tuning key, music books

Year manufactured: 2011

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