Triplett Zephyr 22

Price: $900

The Zephyr travel harp is designed with portability in mind. Take it on the plane, it fits in the overhead. Take it camping or to the beach or on a hike. With levers on C and F it can be played in the most common keys. This solid little harp with a clear voice has had just a couple of owners and is ready to be your travel companion. Includes fleece-lined case, strap, tuning key.

Strings: 22 nylon

Material: Solid walnut and Baltic birch laminate

Year built: 2005

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

Height: 28"

Levers: Loveland levers on F. C

Accessories: fleece-lined carrying case, strap, ergonomic tuning key

  • Triplett Zephyr left side
  • Triplett Zephyr right side
  • Triplett Zephyr brass plate
  • Triplett Zephyr levers
  • Triplett Zephyr case
  • Triplett Zephyr tuning key
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